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A nice review of my co-edited book on the media – The Future of Quality News Journalism

December 11, 2014 Blog

Extract from journalism book review

The wheels of academia turn slowly, so delighted to see this first major review of our book The Future of Quality News Journalism. Professor Leigh L. Wright says:

‘A book such as this collection allows professors and students to read and learn about real-life examples and struggles news organizations face to maintain quality in an age of instant push-button social and digital media journalism not only in the United States but also in developing nations and the United Kingdom.’

‘Much has been written in the trade and online journals about how digital and social media tools have changed the newsgathering and news writing process, but this book highlights how news organizations are dealing with not only this issue but also the issue of the changing business model for print, online and broadcast.’

December 11, 2014 Blog

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