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Britain’s railways at war – a ghostly trip underground in the footsteps of Winston Churchill

September 21, 2021 Blog

I’ve been really enjoying helping the French TV channel Canal Plus to make a documentary about the role of Britain’s railways in the Second World War. They interviewed me, based around my book “Steaming to Victory”, and we filmed in one of the most thrilling secret locations in Britain – the disused Down Street station on the Piccadilly Line, which was the nerve centre of the nation’s railway operations during the war. We stalked the footsteps of Winston Churchill, who used it as one of his bases and even slept there – you can still see his rusty bath. It was dusty, dirty and ghostly, but highly evocative. The French TV crew did a wide-ranging interview with me at home afterwards, in which we covered many subjects – but especially the heroism of the great British railway workers as the bombs fell around them.

September 21, 2021 Blog

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