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The next train at Platform 1 could be run by British Railways

February 23, 2018 Blog


I hardly thought I would ever say this, but Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell may be onto something when they say they want to bring the railways back into national ownership. There’s certainly a public appetite after the long-running guards’ fiasco on Southern and Stagecoach and Virgin getting their sums wrong on the East Coast franchise, which has gone  so badly awry that it may have to be taken back into public control just to keep the trains running. I have to declare that I supported privatisation with its ‘customer first’ outlook, which has doubled the number of passengers on the railways, but there is certainly something wrong with the franchise system, which isn’t delivering in its present form. Would state ownership deliver better value for money? Maybe it’s worth a try – allowing the franchises to come under public control as they fall vacant. But beware – Network Rail is already nationalised and, with its inefficiencies and inability to control cost,s is hardly a model for the future!

February 23, 2018 Blog

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