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Looking forward to the longest train journey in the world

December 21, 2021 Blog

READERS of this blog will know that i’ve spent a lifetime travelling across the world on long and exotic train journeys. But nothing so exciting as a brand new opportunity that has just presented itself with the opening of a new rail line in the Far East. Now it is possible to travel from Lagos in Portugal to Singapore – a journey of 11,654 miles without leaving the rails.

The trip will involve switching trains in such places as Paris, Moscow, Beijing and Bangkok – a fantastic opportunity to stop off in some great cities. The journey only recently became possible thanks to a new 260-mile line through Laos, built by the Chinese. Not so long ago I travelled to Laos and found no railways there apart from a short line extending across the border from Thailand. Now the new link will beat the previous longest journey via the Trans-Siberian Express. Covid rules permitting, I can’t wait to check it out!

December 21, 2021 Blog

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