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On The Slow Train: Twelve Great British Railway Journeys

On the Slow Train jacket imageThis beautifully-packaged book takes the reader on the slow train to another era when travel meant more than hurrying from one place to the next, the journey meaning nothing but time lost in crowded carriages, condemned by broken timetables. On the Slow Train reconnects with that long-missed need to lift our heads from the daily grind and reflect that there are still places in Britain where we can stop and stare. It taps into many things: a love of railways, a love of history, a love of nostalgia.

This book is a paean to another age before milk churns, porters and cats on seats were replaced by security announcements and Burger King. These 12 spectacular journeys will help free us from what Baudelaire denounced as ‘the horrible burden of time.’



  • ‘A magical world barely changed since the golden age of rail’ – Daily Mail
  • ‘Captivating’ – Sunday Express
  • ‘Deep in our soul, the railways represent an idyll that we love’ – Independent
  • ‘On track to a trip back in time’ – Daily Telegraph

7 April 2011

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