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So sad! After 30 great years, the very last issue of The Independent today…

March 26, 2016 Blog

IT WAS at the heart of my professional life. The closure of The Independent print edition today does not just leave an aching gap for me – I worked there as a senior editor for nearly 14 years. But it is such a loss for the British cultural arena. We shall not see the like of it again. Here is what I wrote on Facebook:


‘After this outpouring of eloquence, there is very little I can add, except to agree with almost everything that has beenl said, I worked on the staffs of ‘The Times’ under Roy Thomson, ‘Today’ under Eddy Shah and ‘The Sunday Times’ under Rupert Murdoch. But there was nothing like the Indy (and Sindy), where I spent 14 happy years, privileged to be in the company of some of the most talented (and nicest) journalists on the planet. Fond memories of our get-together this week at City Road (appropriately b&w pic courtesy of Ed Webb). Will we meet again?



March 26, 2016 Blog

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