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Steaming to Victory – memories on Armistice Day

November 11, 2014 Blog, Uncategorized

Scots Guardsman Kentish Town

I took this picture of ‘Royal Scot’ class locomotive No. 46115 ‘Scots Guardsman speeding through Kentish Town station in north London on a special train from St Pancras this Remembrance Sunday. How appropriate to see this wonderfully restored locomotive with its military associations on such a significant day.

In the Blitz of 1941, this area was badly hit by bombers targeting the goods yards around St Pancras and King’s Cross, including the nearby streets where I live now. This is what I wrote in Chapter 7 of ‘Steaming to Victory’:

“This author can bear witness to German bombing inaccuracy because his own house in London’s Camden Town, in which he is writing these words, was in 1941 hit by an incendiary bomb intended for the huge goods yards around King’s Cross and St Pancras, a mile to the south. The house still bears the scars on its front steps, as do many of the houses in a line along the road on which the bomber dropped its load bit by bit. The bomb under the steps, lying dormant for quarter of a century after failing to detonate, was only removed in the 1960s during renovation work. Whether the error was due to poor navigation or simply panic by the bomber crew, no one will ever now know.”


November 11, 2014 Blog, Uncategorized

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