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The Trains Now Departed – and how the ‘Testament of Youth’ movie gets it wrong

January 21, 2015 Blog, Uncategorized


Amid the row over inaccuracies in the TV series Broadchurch, the movies don’t do it much better. I’ve just seen Testament of Youth, the autobiographical account of a group of friends in the run-up to and during World War One. How come then, that in 1914 the star Alicia Vikander is seen on a train of Gresley teak coaches, pulled by a ‘Black Five’ loco, a type first introduced in the 1930s? There are plenty of Edwardian and Victorian trains around on heritage railways. It wouldn’t take much effort to get this detail right, given the fortune that is spent by production teams on period wardrobes.

January 21, 2015 Blog, Uncategorized

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