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The verdict on the new Elizabeth Line – my interview with TalkTV

May 24, 2022 Blog

TRAVELLED  today on one of the first trains on the new £18bn Elizabeth Line, burrowing for 26 miles under the heart of London. What did I think? I was asked my opinion by the new TalkTV station. My view was that it is spectacular, with the quality of the civil engineering ensuring the line will be an icon for centuries to come. The stations are like subterranean cathedrals – vast underground spaces that make one feel quite Liliputian. None of the claustrophobia we normally associate with the Tube. And the British-built trains have lots of space, accelerating at speed between the stations. Paddington to Canary Wharf in a flash. There are only two quibbles. There are no plug sockets for charging phones and computers. And there are no toilets. It’s a long 73 miles from Reading to Shenfield with a full bladder!


May 24, 2022 Blog

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