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Why I’m glad railway speed record stands unbroken

June 18, 2021 Blog

SHAME that yesterday’s attempt by Avanti and Network Rail to beat the 36-year-old record for speed between Euston and Glasgow failed by just 21 seconds. The Pendolino, named Royal Scot, was slowed by a speed restriction in Lanarkshire. But secretly I’m not sorry that the record of three hours, 52 minutes and 40 seconds set by British Rail’s tilting Advanced Passenger Train in 1984 still stands. The Advanced Passenger Train (seen at speed above) was an iconic and innovative example of great British engineering. True, it had problems with the tilt mechanism, but was a bold and imaginative design that led to the development of the highly successful High Speed Train, which has just gone out of service on the main line. Today’s Pendolinos, with their French and Italian heritage, are pedestrian by comparison.

June 18, 2021 Blog

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