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Michael is a journalist, academic and author – writing, blogging and broadcasting on railways and the media. He is also a travel writer, having covered the world for a variety of publications. Read more…

The Trains
Now Departed

Michael Williams’s most recent book The Trains Now Departed: Sixteen excursions into the lost delights of Britain’s railways is published by Arrow Books. Find out more about Michael’s other books, including ‘On the Slow Train’, ‘On the Slow Train Again’ and ‘Steaming to Victory’.

Goodbye old car, it’s time to say farewell

August 17, 2023

IT SEEMS wrong-headed in these times of climate crisis to get sentimental over a car. And yet…Today I got rid of my trusty Mini-Cooper S after 18-years of fault-free motoring. I shall not be buying another car, ending an adult lifetime of car ownership in London. I am no petrolhead, but in the past I delighted in owning such vehicles as a Golf GTI convertible, a VW Beetle, a sporty Audi and even (for my sins), a Vauxhall Firenza. But […]