The delights of the new Borders Railway – our first new domestic main line for more than a century

IT’S a fantasy as exotic than anything dreamt up by Sir Walter Scott – Scotland’s most famous novelist, whose “Waverley” tales once gripped the imagination of the world, with their ghosts, goblins, romantic abbeys ruinous castles – and other things […]

September 16, 2015 Independent on Sunday

Michael Williams – and my work with the Independent newspaper

I am often asked about my association with the Independent newspaper and it associated media titles. For most of my professional journalistic life I have been associated with the Independent – one of the world’s great media brands. For many […]

The Wilderness railway on the edge of the planet

Forget the Orient Express. Never mind the Trans-Siberian. The Bullet Train? Old hat, I’m afraid. Here, in as remote a location as it is possible to find on the planet, is one of the truly great train journeys of the […]

December 3, 2008 Independent on Sunday

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