Germany’s £43 transport pass sets an example to Britain

THE German government has just introduced a revolutionary new deal for public transport, enabling people to buy a monthly pass covering local and regional bus, train and tram services all over the country for just 49 euros (£43).

The 49-euro Deutschland ticket is a radical plan to get motorists out of their cars and follows on from the 9-euro monthly ticket introduced during the pandemic. This was extraordinarily successful. An astonishing 52 million were sold over  the three months the scheme lasted and surveys showed that 98 per cent of Germans were aware of the product. Seven million of these customers were new to public transport.

Although the new pass is more expensive, it is hoped that it will have the same effect. Some regional authorities are selling the tickets for even less, so committed are they to the idea of modal shift.

In Britain we have one of the most confusing fare structures in the advanced world, with many thousands of different fares for similar journeys. How refreshing it would be for someone in charge to have similar vision to the Germans.