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Nice write-up for my recent talk to the Lakes Line Rail Users’ Group – one of Britain’s most charming railways

January 13, 2016 Blog



From the group’s latest Winter Bulletin

The 2015 AGM 

This year’s AGM was held in the Georgian Room in Kendal Town Hall. Filled with an appreciative audience it showed that you don’t have to offer crisis and bad news to tempt peo-ple into a meeting.

The formal part of the AGM passed swiftly. Reports were explained where needed, and ac-cepted in every case, the officers re-elected and the Treasurer proposed maintaining sub-scriptions at the same rates for 2016. This, too, was approved. The most important ques-tion from the floor concerned access to trains for powered mobility scooters, something the Group is following up.

The bulk of the evening was sheer delight; railway author Michael Williams and photojournalist Tony Miles had never worked together before, but their talks complemented each oth-er splendidly. Michael talked about the atmosphere and quality of railways, lamenting some things which have been lost, but noting how much of the good things still remain. Tony, who lives near Manchester and so has a detailed knowledge of the railways in the North West, spoke of his experience reporting on the contemporary industry, explaining some of the pressures and successes he has seen. It’s a measure of how enjoyable it was that several of the audience have said they would be happy to hear either of these speakers again.

Michael was spotted on a Lakes Line train the next day, starting work on the Windermere chapter for his next book exploring some of the byways of the 21st century railway system. We look forward to reading it in due course.’


January 13, 2016 Blog

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